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Food experiences

So, the 21st of October 2016 I got married!


Yeah! And as our first lunch as spouses, we decided to have a traditional Mexican lunch. Angelo booked a table at ‘Cantina Laredo’ near Covent Garden, one of my favourite places in London, within the top ten I would say. So, Saturday 22nd at 2 p.m. we arrived on time. I must say that I am very happy with the food.

First at all, they do have good variety which even vegetarians and vegans will be able to satisfy their bellies with delicious fresh made guacamole, mushrooms’ quesadillas, vegetable fajitas or aubergine ‘tostadas’.  Angelo had rib-eye (AKA carne asada) tacos and chicken quesadillas. We enjoyed our meal with delicious corn tortillas and even exotic blue-corn tortillas and homemade salsas, if you are a Mexican living in London or in the UK or if you are a fan of the authentic food you should try it out! The food is presented in a very modern contemporary style but the taste is just like the ‘Fondita’ (little restaurant shop in Mexico). However, my favourite part was that you are able to drink traditional ‘Micheladas’ and ‘Cheladas’. A beer-based cocktail from Mexico, it has lime juice, several different savoury sauces (each place in Mexico has its own recipe), spices and chilli! (OF COURSE). These might be a bit out of foreigners’ comfort zone regarding drinks, for me, it tastes amazing and also it is believed to be a good remedy for hangovers, but some friends have tried and found it spicy or just too savoury. I would suggest to mind this if you want to order it. But they have a HUGE variety of tequilas either shots or cocktails so there is always a good time for margaritas!



On the other hand, and this is something that I wanted to talk about is regarding experimenting. When we were there, three girls arrived, they sat next to us and after asking about the food, they ended up ordering: hamburger, salad and an English breakfast. I know and I strongly support people eating whatever they want to eat. Nevertheless, I find worthwhile sharing that sometimes we (and I speak for the majority of people) tend to stay inside of our comfort zone. I mean come on! You are in an authentic restaurant; you are going to pay the same price for your burger than for your ‘mole’ or your ‘pozole’, it would be worth to try other foods, right?

If there is something that I have noticed from the majority of the people that I have met from all around the globe is that we are all proud of our cuisine. Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Mexican, Russian, Greek, Italian and so on. We love the way that our food is made back at home and we know how delicious and worthwhile it is to try! Sadly, thanks to some stereotypes people usually come to me and say things like: ‘I love Mexican food, I had a burrito for breakfast’ or ‘I fancy some Mexican, let’s eat some nachos’. Again, I do not hate or dislike that people eat these things, I do eat them myself actually, is just the idea that my beautiful (and recognised by the UNESCO as a global heritage ;D ) cuisine has more to offer than just these that even though delicious, very simple dishes.

I want people to know our mole rojo, our mole verde, which are traditional dense sauces that have as base chilli, species and corn dough. There are thousands of other gorgeous dishes that I could mention but you might want to go to one of these traditional restaurants and try them out.

So, my advice is: try out and experience all the different traditional food that you can! Thai, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Mexican, Colombian. I know that sometimes the food might sound scary, especially if we tend to be a little bit picky with our food (nothing wrong with that, BTW) but, believe me, you might get a good surprise if you experiment with some new dishes, in particular, if you are in a restaurant that can offer you the legitimate experience of the native flavours! Just read the menu carefully, I can assure you that there will be something that will sound interesting and not too crazy if you are not too adventurous, then just go for it! I am sure that a lot of people usually avoid trying new food just because the idea of they might not enjoy it than for the real taste of it.

Who knows? Maybe you will find it not just delicious but also you will want to try new food, from other countries, maybe get into the culture and why is that dish so especial? Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised about how connected a culture and its cuisine are. Remember, it is never too late to learn something new! So, if you are feeling adventurous or just curious about Mexican food, go to Covent garden and try Cantina Laredo out!


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