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When I was planning a trip around Europe with a former friend of mine, we agreed that each of us will choose two cities to visit out of four. It was fair, but it broke my heart because as my options were London, UK and Paris, France, I had to give up to Rome, Italy.… Continue reading Italy

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  When I was young I used to hear mean jokes  about people from other states in Mexico, from other Latin countries… racist and mean jokes that I used to laugh about, but deep in my mind I have retained these words and think: are these even true? Are these just jokes? Or are they… Continue reading Respect

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Bonfire Night experience

So, first of all, I must confess that after that horrible illness that I got last week and then the results of the US elections, I have not been feeling that motivated to write. However, I started to go through my photos from the bonfire night of the 5th of November and I told myself… Continue reading Bonfire Night experience

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Day of the Dead

One of the most beautiful traditions from my country and my personal favourite is the day of the dead. If there is something that I enjoy the most is seeing people enjoying themselves. Although, I am not a very sociable person, just sitting around and watching families sharing together, friends playing football or couples having… Continue reading Day of the Dead