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Pamper routine, how to survive PMS

As a woman, one of the harshest moments of my life is when I have to deal with PMS. Since I was 13 and I got my first period till today, the PMS has become that moment of the month where I cannot handle myself (and I apologise to every single person who has had to deal with me during that time). Before the actual period starts, I am always moody and have lots of mood swings; one moment, I am intentionally watching sad videos and crying my heart out, from puppies playing to soldiers coming back home and I will watch all these videos just to be able to cry. Then suddenly, I will be angry, my poor husband usually has to deal with that. Feeling exhausted and lethargic but also incapable of falling asleep during the night, feeling depressed and the worst part is: the anxiety. I will find myself sitting in a corner feeling anxious and overthinking about things that were done AGES ago, for example if I am losing my friends, if my family does not love me anymore, every single mistake that I have done in the past will be scrutinized and somehow, I will find a reason to feel bad about it AGAIN. My self-esteem does not exist then. During my PMS, I feel like the ugliest, fattest and most disgusting person in the whole world. I hope there could be a way to avoid all these symptoms, but the truth is that I cannot avoid neither control it and it will keep happening for a while. I do envy women that do not have to put on with this. But I do have a routine that I started to practise when I came to England that has helped me to deal with the anxiety. I commenced this routine because being away from my friends and family, I was feeling incredibly isolated and the depression will hit me even worst. Now I am sharing with you, what do I do to pamper myself when I am having a very bad day of PMS.

First, I have to clarify that this is not a healthy lifestyle thing or something, it is just a routine that I relish because It makes me feel better through that time of the month when I just want to disappear. But it can be also for a relaxing weekend after a tough week or just because we deserve it and we want to cherish ourselves.

To start with, I will set my alarm between 7 to 8 am as I want to make the most of the day and be able to sleep during that night. The first thing I will do is drink a cup of tea, but an herbal tea, peppermint, chamomile, a detox infusion, cinnamon and apples, green tea, something that helps you to feel relaxed.  I do try to avoid caffeine during my PMS just because I do not need something that stresses me more; I have enough anxiety to deal with, thank you. Enjoy that cup of tea, do not rush it, I like to look through the window or look my phone and just catch up with social media. I AVOID reading news though, I am feeling down enough already, so maybe something about makeup, food, new recipes or Pinterest will be a better idea.

Then, depending on how I am feeling I will do some yoga/Pilates. If I am feeling not too self-conscious I will get ready and go to the gym to take a class of it. In my gym and most times that I have seen, they usually have these type of classes during the morning. If I am not feeling ready to face the world, I will just find a good, easy video and do it at home.

Afterwards, I will have my breakfast and I am usually craving for something sweet during the PMS, so my preferences are either porridge with vanilla, strawberries and bananas or chocolate oats pancakes. Something that is full of fibre and it makes you feel healthy and cosy, this last one is the most important one. But your favourite breakfast would do.


This is a photo of my french toasts with homemade jam!

Now is bath time! Prepare your bath!  I will burn candles, roses and strawberries scented are the ones that I use, warm water and your favourite bath soap.  The more bubbles, the better!  Prepare your Spotify PMS playlist and take a book and enjoy your time! I will use a facial mask and hair mask too, it makes me feel special. I know it might sound ridiculous but it does work for me. I will easily spend forty minutes there, just relaxing.

If you are feeling like all the thoughts start to become overwhelming, that is why the book and the music help. One of the worst parts of trying to keep yourself cheerful during that period is fighting against all these memories, anguishes and fears of the future because our vulnerability during these moments, that is why we let them take over us, so what I do is keep my mind busy, until I am able to calm myself down.

After the bath, I would do one of two things. If that day I am feeling OK and not too sensitive, I will get ready, put on some makeup and go to my favourite coffee shop to have a tea and maybe a cake and write or read; if I am definitely not emotionally stable to deal with interaction, I will put another face mask and stay at home to read or write, maybe watch some Netflix, whatever you decide to do is fine, as long as it makes you feel good and does not increase any negative feelings.


That day I decided to stay in

As I do not feel too hungry during the PMS, I will have a smoothie, spinach, ginger, coconut milk and mango and pineapple is my preferred one! Nothing too heavy also because the bloating these days is just so bad.


Something that I want to share is that, contrary to some bloggers and youtubers, I do not think it is bad, for example, to eat a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake during your PMS, if this food makes you feel better and is just for one day, I do not think you will put back the weight that you have been losing (if you are on a diet). I wanted to share this because a lot of girls are incredibly self-conscious not just during their PMS but also the whole month and year, all these bad and stressful thoughts can demoralise you in horrible ways. Do not regret that piece of chocolate or cake, remember that during such a susceptible time, the least one needs is more things to worry about.

Finally, for dinner I will usually have a glass (or two) of wine, maybe a prosecco as it is my favourite kind. Pizza or pasta, something that makes me happy, a dessert OBVIOUSLY and finally cuddling whilst watching a movie, or playing a board game. These days are not about the world, these days are about you and your mental peace, so remember to do not stress yourself more than you will probably be already. Hugs are the best medicine, your partner, your bestie, your mum, your siblings or your pet, they will want you to feel better.

As a woman with horrible PMS symptoms and a person with anxiety, these are my recommendations which I feel are necessary for me to get that a peace of mind. I like to think that I am resilient, but when you are caught off guard, it can be difficult to control your mood. It is ok having breakdowns, it is ok to feel depressed during this time, the important thing is trying to help yourself and remember, is just a few days. Also, you will always have someone to talk to, just write a message, make a call, or ask your chosen one to come over to your house so you can talk. I hope this was helpful! Thank you for reading! X


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