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Valentine’s day in London

First, I do apologise for being absent for almost two months, there are some issues that keep me busy these days. Nevertheless, Happy (late) Valentine’s day!

I hope you had a nice evening if you celebrated Valentines. Now, I certainly did and it was our first Valentine’s as a marriage, we decided to have a nice meal out. We went for a supper in a quite fancy restaurant, but I will talk about that later.

Last year on the 14th February, I was quite busy with the homework of my Master’s degree, so we hadn’t really enjoyed the day. This year was different, I have time and Angelo and I decided to treat ourselves.

We agreed to meet near his office and then go for a couple of drinks before heading to the restaurant. So, at 3:30 p.m. I was walking towards the Station near my house and the first thing that I noticed was… that there was no buzz around Valentine’s. I have never been in other countries apart from my own during Valentine’s, so I am used to this day being a huge deal. Back in my hometown, if Valentines is during a week day, you will notice how the environment is full of ‘love and friendship’. People will buy sweets and chocolates to share with their whole office. At schools, kids and teenagers will exchange gifts or have the ‘secret friend’ activity, where you pick a name from a bowl and during a week you give that classmate a little treat, such as biscuits or lollipops until the little celebration takes place and you give them a letter and a little present. In my home country, I remember driving around the city and seeing shops fully decorated with HUGE red hearts and pink bows, ribbons, and balloons everywhere, girls and boys getting presents delivered from their special relatives and people at offices having lunch together and gathering to celebrate the day of love and friendship.

As I do not work in an office here, I can’t tell if here they do the same. But as far as Angelo told me at his job there were no chocolates, no get-togethers for lunch and no gift exchanges. Whilst I was walking from the station (City Thameslink) towards Angelo’s office, I noticed that some flower shops had Valentine’s decoration (although these shops are always around), but there was not such a huge excitement as we have in Mexico. I saw a couple of people carrying some presents and bouquets of flowers but not as many as I will see in Victoria. I was surprised to be honest, as London is such a huge city I was expecting more showing off during Valentine’s day. I guess this is just the culture or something. Also, when I passed by the college near our flat, I didn’t notice so much activity going on. I don’t know, it felt like just a normal weekday. At the pub that we went out before dinner, we saw a few groups of friends having a pint and laughing hard, I guess any celebration is always a good reason to grab a pint.

At the restaurant, we could feel more the ‘Valentine’s mood’. It was full of couples, some of them having dinner and others having a late afternoon tea. I am going to leave some photos of the place, which is a very fancy and posh restaurant. I felt a bit out of my comfort zone, to be honest, but I enjoyed it a lot. The name is: ‘The mirror room’ at the Rosewood hotel, in Holborn (centre of London, if you are wondering). Such a nice place to have dinner, the food, was carefully placed and decorated before being presented to the guests. Such lovely dishes, all beautifully presented. We had some champagne and red wine, but my favourite was the pudding! A chocolate mousse with some strawberry sorbet, it was gorgeous! I am attaching some photos of what we had. It is a beautiful place and the environment was so romantic, candle lights and the decoration was simply stunning. If you ever can go there, I would strongly recommend it! it might be a bit pricey but I mean, if you are in London enjoying some holidays, this might be the place where you want to experience the classic Afternoon tea (which is one of my favourite activities in the world).

So, have you celebrated Valentine’s day? Did you like it? Do you prefer more intimate celebrations or you like a bit of showing off? To be fair I kind of like both. If you do not like Valentine’s because ‘this is so commercial’ ‘capitalist crap’ etc. well, J then I hope you had a good normal day.

The beautiful Restaurant

And our delicious food


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