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London’s art fair

Last week I got a notification on Facebook, offering me free tickets for an art fair; free tickets, art, in a Chelsea venue. It was a must see for me.

As you might have noticed already, I am passionate about London and all its activities, every day, every week, every month, there is something that you can do and enjoy, whatever comes to your mind, London has it all: culture, arts, quiet and peaceful activities, exercise, exhibitions, music (ALL type of music), festivals, musicals, plays, food from all around the world and of course booze; plus all the late activities mixed up, whatever you want to do, London has it.

So, Saturday morning we head to South Kensington, the tube station, as it was the nearest one to our event. I must say, as much as I love Chelsea, Kensington is my favourite neighbourhood in London. While you are walking around it, you can notice that perfect blend between traditional and historical buildings, new and modern chic shops, from high end to high street stores, beautiful cafes, clubs, exclusive garden pubs and lots of street flowers shops. Both Kensington and Chelsea will take your breath away. Pastel colours and very elegant houses, the greenest parks, gorgeous architecture and there is always something to do such as going for a walk or riding a bicycle at Hyde Park. Here you can find the finest afternoon tea services or just lovely bakeries with fresh croissants and organic coffee. It is such a pleasure walking around its streets, the air is fresh and you can feel the harmony surrounding you. Some of the most famous museums of London can be found here, the Victoria and Albert museum, the Natural History museum (one of my favourites) and the Science museum. Also, the Royal Albert Hall, where you can enjoy a variety of concerts and, last but not least, this neighbourhood has the Kensington palace (the place where Diana used to live).

After walking around for a while we arrived at our event. The name of the fair was ‘Parallax art fair’.  It was a mix of all type of artist, photographers, crafting, painting, handmade soaps and scrubs, jewellery, knitting and music. One of my favourite exhibitions was the ‘pegden photography’; when I first saw the photos, I recognised one place of the shoots. Caroline, who is the wife of Philip (the photographer) was talking about how they are inspired. They like to capture people who look like if they were lost in their own city, the photographs were straight forward to interpret. However, they are beautiful, all were taken in black and white. They use filters and most importantly, none of the photos were choreographed, so the images are captured at the right time in the right place.

Another photographer whose work I enjoyed a lot was from Daniela Mollenhoff. I couldn’t talk to her as she was busy chatting to other people. However, I enjoyed her photos and I had a look to her mini-portfolio that was available on her gallery. The photos, this time had lots of colour, very sharp contrasts, mainly nude photos, but very fine, the message (or at least the one that I could interpreted) was about empowering the female body. I loved it.

Another work that I enjoyed and which caught my attention because of one of the frames showing a ‘cartoon’ interpretation of Frida Khalo, was the artwork of Abby Jo. Such stunning and colourful ornaments. The work is mainly a decoration, funny and very detailed frames which look alive and just buzz you with positive energy. I really liked them, but as I am not allowed to hang paintings or decorations on the walls of the flat, I could not really buy one.

But there were many more galleries that I would love to talk about, but sadly I do not want that this post to get too long. But there were all types of art, for example, a lovely lady which sells goat soaps and bath scrubs hand-made and which smell splendid. The goats are her own goats and they do not use palm oil (a plus for me!). The lady came all the way to London from Shetland (an archipelago in Scotland, where you can see the Northern lights).

As it was not allowed to take photos, for obvious reasons such as to respect the artists’ work, I haven’t taken any. At least not of the products. However, I am adding all the websites of the artists that I mentioned and others that I liked so you can check them out. I know, I saw people taking sneaky photos. Nevertheless, as I have friends who are artists and sometimes they do not get the respect that they deserve as the professionals they are, I would much rather if you just log on their websites, you can see their work and enjoy it yourself.

Finally, as some of the pieces were affordable, like this lovely necklace that I bought (photos at the end) and yes, it is a shell because my name means ‘Pearl’ and I kind of like finding a connection with it. There were some pieces and paintings which were quite expensive (as you would expect from an art exhibition in Chelsea, up to 1000+ pounds) but there were prices for all budgets so do not think that just because the activity or event that you want to attend is placed in a very posh neighbourhood, it won’t be accessible for everyone!

‘Pegden photograpy’

‘Daniela Mollenhoff’

‘Abby Jo’


‘Amber Walker’

the gorgeous necklace that I bought

a picture of the Venue’s ceiling (which I found stunning) and a couple of cheeky photos of one of my favourite chocolate shop in South Kensigton, ‘Venchi’.


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