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Best product for damaged hair

For the last year, I have been looking for products to improve my well-being, not just talking about my appearance but also the way I feel. Honestly, I think these two go together, if you feel well you will like the way you look and vice versa. My main struggle was my hair, the tips were a mess, the roots very fragile and it was falling a lot. Luckily, I found some products that helped me not only to fix it from within but also the outside.

As I am almost reaching my 30’s, my body has gone through a lot of changes. One of my main concerns is my hair. I used to dye it a lot, different colours, textures, extreme hair styles, all that you could possibly imagine I have done it. So recently I realised that it was not growing as fast as it should, comparing to when I was in my early 20’s or as a teenager. I did some research and I bought the ‘sugar bear hair’ vitamins and they worked. However, I am going to write about it on another post.


Once my hair had grown to the length I wanted (here a photo), I decided to take care of the outside. Something that I noticed was its appearance was not the same. It felt thinner, lighter and halfway through it and under it, it was quite damaged (because of the dying I guess). The worst part, however, was that it was falling A LOT. I needed something to improve its condition and to promote its growth. This was when I saw on Facebook a post from a friend sharing her experience with these products: 100% vegan/cruelty-free/ organic/ natural, basically the products were: everything positive and friendly.


These products are made by a Mexican woman who prepares them in her home with natural ingredients; even their packages are decorated by her. She has a large variety of products, but the three that I bought are: a special oil for hair called ‘WILD’; an oil for hair and face called ‘PRETTY’ and a cream for face and body called: ‘GLAMOUR’. I am going to talk about each of them as they truly deserve a post on their own. But today I am writing about the oil for hair ‘WILD’.

As the person who shared the post is someone whom I trust her judgement, I decided to give them a go. The price for the three products (two oils and one cream) was 500 Mexican pesos, around 20 British pounds and 25 dollars (more or less). I ordered them but asked for them to be delivered to my family’s house in Mexico as they were preparing a parcel to send over. So, it took about a Month to arrive here. It is not that bad if you compare it with some Amazon products which sometimes can take up to three months.


The oil contains garlic oil and ‘jojoba’ (a Mexican plant) which helps to promote the growth, cleans and oxygenates the follicles. The use she recommended me was once per week as a treatment. Massaging it in your scalp and leaving it during the night, then rinse it the following morning. As a daily use, I added 50 drops on my shampoo, which is also an organic one. It does smell like garlic.  But once you rinse it, you can’t notice any scent; also, when you mix it with your shampoo, it does not smell.

Now, let’s talk about the results. I have been using it for almost two months. I did not notice anything until the third week. My hair roots look much healthier and the tips less damaged. It also feels heavier WITHOUT feeling greasy. However, the proof that it does work was when my husband (whom I adore but I am aware of his lack of knowledge of female beauty routines) asked me if I was doing something to my hair and said it looks prettier, shinier and healthier. You know a product is working when your S.O. can tell the difference. My hair has been better than in the last six years. Without a doubt, this product is amazing (it worked perfectly, at least for me). It does not fall as much as before, it does not tangle at all anymore, which is an extra for me as my hair is so long now that it takes me a while to brush it. It feels smooth when touching, I am just amused with my results.

If you are interested in the products, please feel free to contact her. I am leaving her Instagram and Facebook page below. All her information is in Spanish, but she speaks perfect English so do not hesitate in sending her a message. I will recommend you to ask for her other products (she has a large range) and buy them in bulk. I have not tried them all but the ones I got work fantastically. As all of them are homemade, I am sure the rest of them work just as well.




 I will write about the other two in my next couple of posts. Do you have any enquiries about the oil for hair? Do you have a product that has worked as well for you? Please let me know in a comment. It can be also a DYE, I love trying new things. Thank you for reading! X



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