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Best product for spot scars

Hello again! Here is the second post about the products that I purchased. This time, I am going to talk about the second oil: ‘PRETTY’. This oil is 100% organic and natural. The ingredients are: macadamia nut oil, jojoba extract, coconut oil plus ten essential oils. These oils repair, hydrate and balance the natural state of your skin and hair. I was considering using it as my serum before applying makeup but decided to use it as my night treatment. Why? because I finished my night serum and wanted to try this one.

Although you can use it on your hair, I haven’t used it as such, because I am already using ‘WILD’ as treatment. Also, I wanted to save it for my skin care routine.

pretty 1

How to use it? If you buy it and want to use it on your hair, use it after washing it, you can use a few drops and apply it like a normal hair oil. If you want to apply it onto your scalp, massage it, leave it all night and then rinse it. It will help if you suffer from dry scalp. You can also add two teaspoons to your hair dye before applying as it will help to avoid dry hair after dying. As you can see, this oil is very useful for hair too.

But now, how to use it as a serum? Firstly, I was warned that some of the essential oils could react with the sun, causing patches. Araceli told me that this might be an issue in some cases. But she has been using it during day light and never had a problem at all, and living in Mexico where the sun is very strong. But we all know that each type of skin is different and will react differently to the product. To be fair, we barely get any sun in London, around this time of the year we do have some days with lots of sun. However, most of the time it is cloudy (I mean…. this is London after all). But you will want to check it out how it does work with your skin and use it as you feel comfortable. She told me that using it as my night treatment was ideal. I apply around five to six drops on my fingers and then massage it onto my face for around two minutes. Just after washing and cleansing.

photos of my face one month ago.

I have been using it for almost two months and it is FABULOUS! Firstly, I have such a dry skin which is something genetic. Generally, my hands, feet and my whole body is extremely dry. Because of this, I do not have problems with spots as they usually dry up in two or three days, but they always leave marks. Also, with the UK’s cold weather, my skin will get so flaky and start cracking around the nose and mouth. If I am wearing makeup it will look cakey, so I often mix my foundation with moisturiser.

But after having used this oil as my night serum, my skin has changed a lot. It feels hydrated without feeling greasy. It is a nice sensation. My face looks smooth and healthy but it does not shine, which sometimes happens with some oils. Now I do not need to mix the foundation with the moisturiser unless I want a more natural finish. But the best part of the results is this oil helps to vanish the spot marks and other patches that you might have. Or at least, it did it for me. I had at least six spot marks around my chin and darker areas around my nose and mouth. Now the colour of my skin is evener and I am very happy with the results.


photo of my face three days ago.

The extra benefit of it. And I say extra because of my dry skin, is that I do not have to deal with spots more than two or three days neither. If you have a spot and apply this oil during the night and leave it, it will either disappear or shrink the next day. That was a very useful thing, as during my period my face ALWAYS breaks out (the perks of having periods, not). So, even when I got hideous pustules, I just need to apply the oil and these will be reduced the next morning.

Honestly, this oil is unbelievable! If you can you should try it. I am leaving the contact information of Araceli so you can check out her Facebook or Instagram. Again, all the info is in Spanish but she speaks English and will help you out with all the questions you could have!




I hope you like it. please leave me a comment if you want to know about this product or if you have a recommendation of another miracle product you have tried, especially for pimple marks! Thank you so much for reading! Till the next post!



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