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the best two in one product: a magic moisturiser + body cream

Hello and welcome again to my blog! This post is the third and last one of my reviews of the three products. Which are: cruelty-free, organic, natural, vegan and made in Mexico. This time I am going to talk about the moisturiser and body cream: ‘GLAMOUR’. Its ingredients are: cacao cream, shea butter and plant extracts. I must say, it smells DELICIOUS, like cocoa but the scent is not strong at all. It feels very light after applying it but leaves a smooth sensation on your skin.

Now, how to use? Well, as I mentioned, you can use it as your daily moisturiser and if you want, as your body cream. It is quite a big pot so it will last for a while. It has a very thick consistency, but you can rub it a bit in your hands before applying it on your face and then directly on your body. I use it as my face cream every day. If the sun is shining outside, I will mix it with my sun cream, just for the SPF. I also use it after applying the night serum ‘PRETTY’ for extra hydration and moist.


The results: The good thing about this product is that it absorbs easily and quick. You can notice the difference in a few days. This was the only product that I noticed the changes almost immediately. I also use it on my hands, as they are EXTREMELY dry and it makes them feel smooth. I am very happy with the results of this product, but my favourite part is that it works not just as a moisturiser, but you can also use it in your makeup routine.

I LOVE makeup and I like to take my time to do it, especially when we are going out or going to meet friends. But let’s be honest, some days we are in a rush and the quicker the better. Of course, I am always trying to look nice and fresh. During week days, I would rather prefer an easy, fresh looking, natural makeup. Here is when I decided to try ‘GLAMOUR’ as a tool to make my makeup routine shorter.

I usually wear primer and foundation of the same brand. I never mix primers and foundations, I feel like this helps to make your base look much better and stays on longer, as Lisa Eldridge recommended in a video. If you want a more natural finish, you can mix a little bit of moisturiser with the foundation. So, I decided to give it a go, with the ‘GLAMOUR’ cream and it works AMAZINGLY. As the cream is so thick, first I soften it up with my fingers. Just put a bit in the back of my hand and mix it with my finger until it is softer. Then I add my foundation and mix both together, until the two are well blended. Then I apply it all over my face as I will usually put on my moisturiser. That’s it. No need for blending, using brushes or spending over ten minutes working on your foundation. Your skin looks even and fresh. As it is 100% natural, this might be the reason why it does work with several types of foundations. I have tried it with the following: MAC face & body, Vitalumiere aqua (CHANEL), Magic Foundation (Charlotte Tilbury) and Long-wear even finish foundation (Bobbi Brown).


With the MAC and CHANEL foundations, as both are more liquidly formulas, the ‘GLAMOUR’ cream gives them a thicker consistency. I find it makes them easier to apply and the finish is very natural and your skin looks fresh and smooth.

With the Charlotte and Bobbi ones, I must soften the cream up, but it is worth it. When you mix the foundation and the cream, I then apply it all over your face.  The finish is a good cover but still very natural. AND you do not have to spend too long blending it, as the cream helps you to apply it in an evenly way.

Here are some photos of my makeup when I mixed my foundation and Glamour.

As you can see, there is some cover but you can still see my skin and it looks natural with a bit of natural glow. I love this cream, it works fantastically with your makeup, as body cream or moisturiser. You definitely have to give it a try! Again, I am leaving the contact details of Araceli, who is the person who makes these products. They are handcrafted! And she speaks perfect English so you can contact her:




Please let me know if you have other products that you love, or if you want me to write a review of a certain product. I would love to hear your feedback. I hope you liked this post, see you next time! Bye! X


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