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my trip to Cambridge

Hello readers! I hope everyone is great at the time of reading this! I know I have been absent for quite a while now. The thing is, I dropped some tea all over my former laptop and it broke. I am using my mini HP which I used for essays when studying for the master’s degree. The problem is, it does not let me edit or manage word properly. But anyways, two weeks ago, we went to Cambridge and I want to talk about it.

We stayed there for three days and two nights. It was amazing! Cambridge is a beautiful, quaint and lovely place. When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was that almost everyone uses bikes. We stayed at this hotel called Anstey Hall. It used to be a country house with beautiful sights, huge rooms, lovely facilities and gorgeous decorations. I am leaving some photos so you can check it out. But if you want to go to Cambridge, you should give it a go. I would say the main ‘issue’ was its location, as it was located 2.5 miles from the train station. But most people just rent cars or use uber to get from there to the centre. I am also leaving the link of the hotel so you can check it out.

The first day, we went to visit the university colleges. I must say that the buildings are astonishing. Such gorgeous architecture! Sadly, we just managed to get in to see a few of them, not including King’s college or Trinity college, as it was the examination period. But we had the opportunity of walking around the gardens, the residence hall, the student flats near the schools. You feel calm walking around these places.  As in London, you will hear at least six or seven different languages being spoken around you in Cambridge. The feeling of openness and acceptance, people from all around the World gather in a town and enrich the culture. It is such a breath-taking experience. I want to come back maybe during an open day to be able to see inside the colleges. I like the fact that students’ communities in this country are so forward thinking and it does give you hope for the future.  I am leaving here some photos I took while walking around.

After walking for four or five hours, we were knackered so we stopped at a wine bar, called ‘Cambridge wine merchants’. This is a local business which has grown so much and now they are one of the largest independent merchants in the UK. Amazing, right? They also support the local producers as well offering a large variety of foreign spirits and wine. We had the vegetarian platter to share and some rose and white wine. Such an amazing place to go and have some drinks, also it is next to the river or as it is known ‘river Cam’. Such a nice spot to stop and chill for a bit. Here are some photos of the place, which as you can notice, it does look cool.

The next day, we headed to the centre again and we went to the ‘Fitzwilliam museum’ where we spent around two or three hours. It is a small museum, but as every single museum, there are lots of things to learn about. My favourite collection was ‘arms and armours’. I know it does not sound very peaceful but it is quite interesting to learn about their origins. How each sword, armour had its own features made them unique and used depending of the type of combat. I am adding some photos for you. On the second floor, they had a special exhibition about the renaissance period.  It was so interesting as it explained how people demonstrated their faith to God in their daily routines and how they avoided being punished on Judgement day. For example, there were items such as kitchen knives with scores drawn on their blades and insights on how the rosary was invented. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take photos at this collection so I could not take any.

After that, we spent three hours walking around the ‘Cambridge university botanic garden’. It is a beautiful, giant garden full of all sorts of plants and ecosystems and it was founded in 1762 to help medical students. It was developed into an amusing place for family trips, picnics, learning or just relaxing.  They also promote and practice a sustainable horticulture, recycling green waste, reducing the use of pesticides and promoting the use of natural fertilizers. They also have a section of the garden named ‘the bee border’, where they have a large range of scented flowers which are the bees’ favourite. You can see honey bees and bumblebees around while pollinating. It is such a gorgeous place. They also have a rose garden, which I must admit, is my favourite flower.

After a very long evening, we went to have some snacks and drinks while we were waiting to meet Angelo’s friend Victoria. She is one of his best friends from university and she lives in Cambridge. We had such a nice evening. But as you can imagine, we were knackered after all that walking and exploring.

The next day, we just had a huge breakfast and we walked to the station as we were due to come back to London. We had a coffee and then just took the train. From our current location, we had to change at Kings cross station and then walk to St. Pancras. As you can imagine, it is always exciting to walk past the platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross and have a sneaky look to the Harry Potter shop.

Just in case you are curious, a return from Kings cross to Cambridge costs £36.20 and a single is £23.60. To be honest, I think is much better just get an open return or if you have the exact dates, just go for it. The hotel was £190 for two nights, but there are plenty of smaller B&B’s nearer to the centre and way cheaper. So, my best tip is if you are in the United Kingdom and you want to travel around to the main spots, I would suggest the following: Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Bath, Manchester etc. Plan it ahead, there are also lots of day tours which usually depart from London Victoria coach station and will take you to these places. Anyways, thank you for reading my blog! Bye! X


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