Hello! My name is Perla Melendez (it is pronounced like Pearl) and I am 26 years old. I am a Mexican girl living in London. The reason why I have decided to start this blog is because right now I feel like I am in a limbo. Let me share you a little bit of my story.


I was born in the North of Mexico, in a little town called ‘Ciudad Victoria’, a place with less than 600,000 people. Living there can be tricky, but once you get into your ‘comfort zone’ it is very difficult to get out of it. That was what was happening to me, until 2008.

As a member of the Quaker community (or known as the ‘Friends’ a religious community from the UK) I had the opportunity to travel around three of the four countries of the Union. During that time, I could not speak a word of English. However, I connected with all these people I spend an entire month with them spiritually. Believe it or not, I learnt a lot seeing them, helping them and even though we could not say many words, I was sure and I could feel that all of them were beautiful people. That inspired me but also, something new started to grow inside me, I fell in love with the United Kingdom.

After finishing my university degree, I was convinced that I wanted to come to London and study a master’s degree. During a trip around Europe, I met my husband, Angelo. I still do not know if it was destiny or just casualty, but after one year of keeping in contact, we meet in London during winter in 2013 and we started a new story.

Now, after having finished my master’s degree in International Management, I met even more amazing people from all around the world. I am in that phase where I still cannot get a job (this due my residence situation) but also my lack of confidence. Even though, I have learnt a lot about the world, other cultures and I feel like a renovated human being, I still need  to deal with some problems and emotions that I have never treated properly. Anxiety; as an incredibly shy and introvert person, for me is very difficult to go out and face the world, especially when  I am now in an isolated situation. I do have my husband and I am thankful about him! But My friends are back in Mexico or they have gone back to their countries already, so I decided to share all these thoughts that I have about life and personal issues that, although some people will find very stupid, for me are obstacles to go where I want to go. Hopefully, if you feel in the same way we might be able to share our ideas.

If there is a motivation that keeps me wanting to be more open, more social and friendly and overcome my shyness is that after studying a master’s and more importantly after sharing experiences with different cultures and learnt about people in need and how unfair an unequal the world can be, I want to make a change. I am aware that I will never be able to change the world, but at least I want to influence one life and show to the world that being kind, caring, that sharing and helping is not just the most we can do but the least we can do for our communities, our countries, and our world.

I also want to share what enjoy of life, such as baking, cooking, travelling, learning, I LOVE makeup and sometimes I also have strong opinions about government and the current situation of my country, Mexico, which is a beautiful land in the wrong hands.

I want to share what I have seen and learnt from my trips to other countries, so that is why I have started this blog, I hope that if you are reading this you feel in the same way, thank you for reading!


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