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A tale of Tequila & Rosé

 Firstly, I want to apologise for my absence, I have been quite busy and injured (I strained my back lol) so that is why I have not been very active recently. Now, if there is something I will never get tired of saying, no matter when you read this is: London is the most amazing… Continue reading A tale of Tequila & Rosé

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IT, my honest review

Hello Readers! First at all, I know I have been absent for ‘God only knows how long’, but I have been quite busy. Actually, I have already written 3 other posts but I haven’t had time to edit them and prepare the images, etc. Anyway, the topic of this post is about something that really… Continue reading IT, my honest review

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We were there, the war in Syria

On the 27th of April, I had the honour of being able to assist to an event called: ‘WE WERE THERE: the conflict café’ regarding the Syrian war, at the Imperial War museum in London. There, several people who have experienced the conflict ongoing in Syria, were talking about their experiences and contributing with their… Continue reading We were there, the war in Syria